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Map of BDX Outer Hospital DE

BDX Outer Hospital DE is a Battle Drill Exercise in America's Army: Proving Grounds, focused on destruction of a target.


Outer Hospital is a brutal game of long angles. Assault is tasked with arming and destroying Ordnance located out in the open, in the middle of the second-floor plaza. There is minimal cover, so you’ll have to rely on what angles you and your teammates control. A team without sufficient long-range capability and smoke grenades is at a serious disadvantage.

Assault must also choose when to try and arm the objective, since there is little protection around it – concealing smoke and a coordinated assault are essential. Once the objective is armed, however, Defense must deal with the same lack of cover to try and disarm, the pressure ratcheting up as the bomb ticks down. Defense’s best option is to keep Assault off the objective at all costs.