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Map of BDX SpringStreet EX

BDX SpringStreet EX is a Battle Drill Exercise in America's Army: Proving Grounds, focused on extraction of a target.


SpringStreet is all about the right approach to Divide and Conquer – splitting up your team effectively is generally the best strategy, as there are several long sight lines offering prime opportunities to pick OPFOR off. There are a number of main lanes to control as well, so where you choose to station teammates often determines the outcome of the match.

Assault picks up the Guidon Flag near the middle of the map, then maneuvers to the Extract point where Defense spawns. Success usually depends on grabbing the flag, then hanging back a bit to let your teammates clear and control a specific route. From there it’s a game of feeling out how defense is responding, so you can break through one of the main routes in to extract. SpringStreet is not generally friendly to the lone wolf flag runner.