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Effective use of posture is key in Proving Grounds combat. Moving while sighted slows you down a bit in all postures, for added precision. C will make you crouch, X will take you prone.


Standing Posture

  • Fastest movement
  • Sprinting is done in this posture only
  • Largest Silhouette
  • Loudest movement sounds
  • Worst weapon control


A player holds a lean right or lean left button while stationary and in high or low crouch. This causes the player's character to quickly lean to the right or the left. The longer the button is held the longer the lean lasts. A player may tap a lean button for a very quick peek or hold and maintain the position.

The player is free to move while leaning. Moving forward or back immediately ends the lean. The player is able to strafe very slightly (a single tap of the strafe key) to the right or left without breaking lean; this shifts the character slightly in one direction or the other. If the key is held for any length of time beyond a tap the lean is ended and normal strafe movement begins.


Crouched Posture

  • Medium movement speed
  • Sliding (Sprint + crouch) ends in this posture
  • Medium silhouette
  • Medium movement sounds
  • Medium weapon control


Prone Posture

  • Slowest movement speed
  • Diving (sprint + prone) ends in this posture
  • Least maneuverable posture
  • Quietest movement sounds
  • Best weapon control